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Jeremy Winborg is best known for his figurative work of Native American subjects that blend realism with abstract backgrounds.

Winborg was inspired to start painting Native Americans when his Navajo niece, Layla, was born. He focuses on creating art that preserves a bit of history on each canvas. His paintings feature Native Americans in traditional, authentic clothing with a focus on historical accuracy.

Winborg is well-known for his bold brushwork and palette knife work on his colorful backgrounds. He enjoys the juxtaposition of realism and abstraction.

“I love to paint empowered women, not just another pretty face. I want the viewer to be drawn in and feel the emotion of the figure. Whether it’s happiness, sorrow or whatever that emotion may be. I want the figure to initially draw the viewer in and the brushstrokes and design to be the reason you’d want to stop and look for a while, or to enjoy that painting for a lifetime. I love the viewer to be able to take a small section of my painting, whether it be a face or part of the background and find that the brushstrokes and pallet knife work are interesting and worth your attention. A painting is a success to me if it conveys emotion and is interesting in small pieces as well as a whole."

Winborg, his wife Danielle, and five kids call Utah home. When he is not at his easel, Winborg enjoys fly-fishing and rock climbing.

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