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Collection: Mattson, Curt

Joy, excitement, and intensity mark Curt Mattson’s passion for life and sculpture. It is his love of the horse and horsemanship that drives him. Movement, texture, mass, and negative space bring each piece to life. His work is unique in approach and execution. His pieces are complimented by so many collectors when they say, “Your work is so alive!”

Mattson’s dynamic works of art have garnered many awards, including the Night of Artists' James Bowie Award from the Briscoe Western Art Museum; the National Sculpture Society’s Elliott Gantz Award; Quest for the West’s Cyrus Dalin Award from the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art; Best of Show from the Phippen Museum Fine Art Show; and Allied Artists of America’s Silver Medal for Sculpture.

Mattson researches thoroughly before starting a new work. He begins creating only when he is completely familiar with the subject. Whether contemporary or historical, he intimately understands the nuances of his subjects. Beyond that, his artistic training assures that his work is more than mere depictions. The compositional elements come together to create artistic excellence rarely found in sculpture.

Mattson has established low edition sizes for each of his sculptures. On average, no more than twenty pieces are available of each of his works. This low edition size makes it a rare privilege to own a Curt Mattson sculpture. In his work, viewers can be sure they are looking at the true West.

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