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Collection: DeMott, John

To experience a John DeMott painting is to truly experience part of the great American frontier. An outdoorsman and storyteller of the American West, DeMott transcends the cliché of the Western artist.

Raised on Southern California horse ranches, he has worked and lived the life of his artistic subjects and can speak the language of his experience. DeMott’s art involves countless hours of research. Through his study of tools, wardrobe, accoutrements, and history, he is able to capture detail and authenticity in his paintings. Whether it is the Plains Indians, a trapper, cowboys, a grizzly bear in the wilderness, or simply the beautiful Southwestern landscape, DeMott can make the viewer keenly aware of time and place.

“As a storyteller of the American frontier, Western art has been an important part of my life, and I am proud to be involved in the preservation of our great heritage,” he says.

DeMott’s work has been published in Art of the West, Art-Talk, Southwest Art, Sporting Classics, and U.S. Civil War Art. He lives with his wife Cindy and their family on their horse ranch in Loveland, Colorado.


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