Collection: Coleman, Nicholas

(b. 1978)

Nicholas Coleman was born in Utah, 1978. He has loved the American West since boyhood. Growing up in Utah was instrumental in his artistic education. Visually stunning, the landscape of Utah had and continues to have the Grand Vista. Hidden waterfalls. rivers, creeks and stream are still available to seek out if you're willing to make the effort. Still teaming with wildlife Coleman finds enjoyment hiking and scouting for game in the nearby hills and mountains of the Wasatch Front. His love of art came early, as his father, noted artist Michael Coleman was there to point him in the right direction. They still have discussions on where that "right direction," might be!

Hunting and fishing throughout most of North America, up into Canada, has led to trips in Europe, New Zealand and even into Africa. Never one to miss an opportunity he is constantly evolving and trying new things. Working with companies in Belgium, Spain and even Japan. You will be able to find his work here soon in collaboration with Bass Pro Shops, head quartered in Springfield, Missouri.
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